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Alumínium tekercsek, hengerek méretre vágva

Aluminum sheet wholesaler in Hungary

As a professional aluminum sheet manufacturer in Hungary, in addition to cold and hot-rolled and coated products, Szűcs Ferrotrade Metal and Steel Wholesaler Ltd. also offers a wide range of aluminum plates and aluminum cylinders.

Aluminum plates are mainly produced by rolling. The molten aluminum is used as a starting material to cast a so-called billet, from which the primary slab dimensions are formed by hot rolling. Further processing is then carried out by cold rolling. If material flexibility and easy malleability are a priority, the original properties of the aluminum sheet as a base material can be restored or even improved by subjecting it to repeated heat treatment after cold rolling.

Aluminum sheets are very popular products due to their wide range of applications. They are also widely used in the automotive, machinery, aerospace, and chemical industries.

Aluminum sheet manufacturer in Hungary – Our selection

Szűcs Ferrotrade Metal and Steel Wholesaler Ltd. keeps aluminum sheets of various sizes, surface finishes, alloys, material qualities, widths, and thicknesses in stock in Hungary. Our range of aluminum sheet sizes is tailored to the most requested and used sizes.

Aluminum coil supplier in Hungary – Our selection

We also sell aluminum coils. If you need a larger quantity of flowmeter material or individual lengths, we recommend this format. Aluminum coils are primarily sold as whole coils, but our slitting and slabbing equipment can also cut sheets to custom lengths with uniquely tight tolerances.

Aluminum strip manufacturer in Hungary – Our selection

Aluminum strips are basically slits cut from aluminum coil, sized to your individual requirements. The advantage of this solution is that it allows the dimensions of the aluminum sheets to be tailored more closely to individual requirements, thus further reducing costs and the amount of waste generated at the end-use.

If you are looking for an aluminum sheet dealer in Hungary, need a price quotation, or have a specific idea of the products you would like to buy, please contact us at any of the contact details of Szűcs Ferrotrade Metal and Steel Wholesaler Ltd!