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Stainless-steel sheet wholesaler in Hungary

Szűcs Ferrotrade Metal and Steel Wholesaler Ltd. has a wide range of stainless-steel sheet products in permanent stock in Hungary, which allows us to provide a fast and flexible service to all our customers.

The advantages of stainless-steel sheets

Stainless-steel goes by many names in everyday life: INOX (inoxydable), corrosion-resistant steel (short: CRES) or rust-resistant steel. Despite their name, stainless-steel sheet products are also susceptible to rusting, but this alloy is still much more resistant to corrosion than “conventional” steel.

Its ability to resist rusting is due to its chromium content of at least 10.5% but no more than 1.2% carbon. If the alloying elements include nickel, the susceptibility to corrosion can be reduced even further. The surface of “conventional steel” is subject to the formation of iron oxide, i.e. rust, due to the action of ambient moisture, which can corrode the material to a full extent as it moves inwards. In the case of stainless-steel plates, a layer of chromium oxide forms on the surface of the material, which acts as a coating to prevent rusting.

Stainless-steel is applied specifically where – in addition to hardness and flexibility – resistance to rust is also required. Such areas include construction, automotive, aerospace, chemical and food industries.

Cold-rolled stainless steel sheet dealer in Hungary

Our company has a wide range of cold-rolled stainless-steel sheets in a wide range of sizes in Hungary, so we can supply pre-cut sheets immediately according to the customer’s requirements.

Cold rolling is carried out at a recrystallization temperature typical of the alloy in question, during which the crystals of the material are elongated in the direction of rolling, and the yield strength, tensile strength, and hardness of the material are changed.

Hot-rolled stainless steel sheet dealer in Hungary

Our company has a wide range of hot-rolled stainless steel sheet products in slab sizes in Hungary, so we can supply pre-cut slabs immediately to suit the customer’s requirements.

Hot-rolled stainless-steel plates are produced by rolling above the recrystallization temperature of the steel to be processed, passing through a series of rolls to form plates of the appropriate width and thickness, and then cooling.

Stainless-steel coil dealer in Hungary - Custom slit strips

Stainless-steel coils are mainly sold as whole pieces, but we can also cut strips from these stainless-steel rolls on request. The advantage of customized slits and sheets is that they further reduce costs and the amount of waste generated at the end-use.

With our fleet of high-performance slitting and slab cutting machines purchased after 2019, we can produce slabs of any size for our customers from the coils we have in stock in Hungary.

Stainless-steel supplier in Hungary - Other products

In addition to cold-rolled and hot rolled stainless steel sheets, we can also supply other types of stainless steel products in Hungary.

Stainless-steel round bar supplier in Hungary

Our stainless round steel products are cold-rolled or hot-drawn round bars. They are used for buildings and steel structures, but can also be applied for fences, railings and other types of trellis.

Stainless-steel tube and pipe supplier in Hungary

Stainless-steel tubes can be found in countless places. They can be used for racks, handrails, but they are also used by furniture manufacturers as structural elements for chairs, armchairs and sofas.

Stainless-steel hollow section supplier in Hungary

Depending on the profile, the use of stainless-steel hollow sections is limited only by the imagination. Most commonly used in the construction and engineering industries, these stainless-steel products can be used for virtually any structure where structural rigidity is a priority. Durable and lightweight structures can be formed from hollow sections, such as shelving systems and gate frames

Stainless-steel perforated sheet supplier in Hungary

Our manufacturing company supplies a wide range of perforated stainless-steel sheet types from Hungary, depending on the material and parameters of the underlying sheet, as well as the type of hole and its allocation. In terms of application, common examples are industrial and agricultural use, but perforated stainless-steel plates are also perfectly suitable for decorative purposes.

Stainless-steel flat bar supplier in Hungary

Stainless flat steel is a hot-rolled steel product which is shaped into a rectangular cross-section during the final forming process. Due to its low carbon content, it can be welded and formed easily, while still maintaining high durability. Flat steel is most widely used in the construction industry, but it is also used for bridges, stairs and railings.

If you are looking for a stainless-steel sheet dealer in Hungary, need a price quotation, or have a specific idea about the products you would like to buy, please contact us at any of the contact details of Szűcs Ferrotrade Metal and Steel Wholesaler Ltd!