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Steel products / Long goods

Hosszú áru: zártszelvények, acél profilok, idomacél, laposacél, acél rudak

Long goods supplier in Hungary: hollow sections, flat steel profiles, molded steel bars

In addition to coated (galvanized and painted), cold and hot-rolled products, Szűcs Ferrotrade Metal and Steel Wholesaler Ltd. in Hungary also offers, a wide range of long goods and steel profiles. Of course, we also offer a broad range of products in molded steel shapes (hollow sections, flat steel bars).

Steel hollow section supplier in Hungary

Depending on the profile, the range of applications for steel hollow sections is very wide. This type of molded steel is mainly used in the construction and mechanical engineering industries, but in everyday life, it can be used for almost any type of structure, such as durable and lightweight structures, as well as shelving or door frames.

Flat steel supplier in Hungary

Flat steel is a type of hot-rolled shaped steel formed into a rectangular cross section.  Thanks to its low carbon content, this long product has high durability, yet is extremely easy to weld and shape. The largest market for this steel profile is the construction industry, but its design and wide range of sizes make it suitable for almost unlimited applications.

Round steel bar supplier in Hungary

Round steel bars are cold-rolled or hot-drawn steel bars with a circular cross-section. Steel rods are used in large quantities in the construction industry for building structures, but are also used in everyday life for railings, trellises, and fences

Steel tube and pipe supplier in Hungary

The applications for steel tubes and pipes are almost endless, ranging from various scaffolding, heating, cooling, gas, and irrigation systems to structural elements for railings and stairs.

Steel profiles: perforated steel sheet supplier in Hungary

We also have a wide range of perforated stainless-steel sheets in stock in Hungary. Depending on the type of material, size, or hole layout, the applications for this steel profile range from agriculture to domestic applications and decoration.

If you are looking for a long goods supplier in Hungary, need a price quotation, or have a specific idea about the long products you would like to buy, please contact us at any of the contact details of Szűcs Ferrotrade Metal and Steel Wholesaler Ltd!