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Environmental protection at Szűcs Ferrotrade Fém- és Acélkereskedelmi Kft.

In order to be able to preserve the balance of our planet in the long term and to provide a liveable environment for future generations, sustainability and environmental protection have become essential. Environmental challenges, such as climate change due to emissions, are forcing us to look at our daily activities from a new perspective. Our sustainability and environmental goals include the use of renewable energy sources, reducing our ecological footprint and efficient water management.

That is why at Szűcs Ferrotrade Fém- és Acélkereskedelmi Kft. we do our utmost to ensure that sustainability and environmental protection are not just a sound corporate slogan, but that we actually do something to implement them in our everyday practices.

Let us see what environmental protection means at Szűcs Acélkereskedelmi Kft.

Reducing the generation of waste

Our company offers its partners the possibility to cut sheets from our sheet coil pallet according to individual size requirements.

The possibility of cutting to custom sizes is not only worth it from a financial point of view. Waste of materials and excess quantities of unused raw materials are currently a major challenge. But this solution allows our customers to source exactly the right amount for their needs, which is not only cost-effective, but also helps the environment.

Szűcs Ferrotrade Fém- és Acélkereskedelmi Kft. is proud to contribute to the sustainability efforts of its partners by offering solutions that harmonise both economic objectives and environmental principles.

Reducing the use of packaging material

One of Szűcs Acélkereskedelmi Kft’s key environmental goals is to reduce the waste associated with packaging materials. Our company is committed to solutions that reduce the amount of waste generated and maximize recyclability and reuse.

In addition to trying to minimise the amount of packaging materials used, we place a high priority on the reuse of materials used for packaging and transport.

In addition to using packaging materials in their original form, we take back used pallets from our customers whenever possible. If they are damaged and no longer able to perform their original function, we dismantle them, assemble new pallets using the parts that have just been removed and recycle the damaged parts.

This environmentally friendly practice not only helps to make more sustainable use of resources, but is also an exemplary way of putting the principles of waste management into practice. Szűcs Steel Trading Ltd., in close cooperation with its partners, aims to reduce the negative environmental impacts that can result from material waste and excessive waste production.

Green machinery fleet

Szűcs Ferrotrade Fém- és Acélkereskedelmi Kft. does its utmost to ensure that its warehouses are also environmentally friendly. All of our company’s goods handling equipment, including all of our forklifts, are electrically powered, which not only serves business efficiency, but also consistently contributes to environmental protection.

The use of electric forklift trucks not only helps our company to be more efficient, but also has a positive impact on the health of our colleagues and the quality of the working environment.

Thanks to the electric drive, the employees of Szűcs Acélkereskedelmi Kft. can work in a healthier environment, as the vehicles do not emit carbon dioxide and other harmful compounds, which also contributes to the improvement of the air quality at the workplace.

The use of electric goods handling equipment is another milestone on the road to sustainability. Our aim is to inspire other companies to use environmentally friendly technologies, as the positive effects are not only limited to the environment and health, but can also bring long-term economic benefits to businesses. The use of electric forklift trucks shows that sustainability and business success can be compatible goals.

Renewable energy sources

Szűcs Ferrotrade Fém- és Acélkereskedelmi Kft. is making every effort to protect the environment by continuously improving its site and the environmental practices it employs. To ensure that our forklifts, sheet metal processing machines and other equipment operate with the lowest possible ecological footprint, we plan to cover the entire roof of our site with solar panels. With this development, Szűcs Steel Trading Ltd. will be able to operate with “green energy”, and consequently all our equipment, from large machines to mobile phones, will be powered by electricity from renewable energy sources!

Our long-term goal is to continuously modernise our machinery, equipment and working environment. In making these improvements, we are always striving to keep environmental impact to a minimum and to put environmentally and health-friendly concepts into daily practice.

We follow this way of thinking at all levels of our work. We know that this is not only about our present, but also about our future and the future of generations to come. Our commitment to the environment is a core part of our company values.

Szűcs Ferrotrade Fém- és Acélkereskedelmi Kft. is proud to lead by example by balancing environmental and economic considerations in building its own future and that of its environment.